Hello LOVE Month -- Editors' Note - A little bit extra personal?

    The month of LOVE! Oh sweet LOVE. We cherish this month as we hold our loved ones closer for Valentines Day. I especially love this month because of all the pink that fills the stores!

    cupcakeMAG will be sharing with you one super fab 1st birthday for my little darling, Kennadi. We can't wait to share the event as soo many have worked so hard to make it possible. We thank you -- you know who you are! 

    As always we have some must-read celeb interviews and this is the month our team takes on Mercedes- Benz Fall 2011 Fashion Week in New York City. We will have all the on-site designer interviews, designer reveals, beautiful collections and fab fashions! NYFW also makes it a crazy busy month for us but keeps us going! We can't wait to bring you all the up-to-date daily runway shows, designer interviews and on-site celeb chats!

    We also have amazing giveaways and featured bloggers to share this month including an exclusive interview and giveaway with the ladies behind Layla Grayce and so much more! It is going to just be a FABulous month. 

    Now - onto the more personal topic for the month. About this time last year I was getting ready to give birth to my third beautiful little girl Kennadi Audrey Monroe (yes, named after Jacqueline, Audrey and Marilyn) - almost a month and half early. Yes, I had her at 35 weeks. Weighing 4lbs 12oz when we left the hospital we were beyond blessed to spend no time in the NICU and leave with our baby girl.

    Kennadi, only a few days old. 

    Kennadi's Birth Announcement Photo
    However, when I got home it hit me how precious and dainty Kennadi really was. I don't know if it was the anxiety of having a preemie and taking care of such a tiny little one or if I was just overwhelmed by the fact that she was so little. I went into serious post partum panic. I don't know if it was quite depression but I remember reaching out briefly on Twitter because I was having such an out of body experience of panic and it was awful, so so awful.

    I thank ONE person for truly taking a second to read my tweet and saving me. Yes, saving me. She made me realize I wasn't crazy and things would be normal again shortly. So who is this so FABulous little lady I call my "Post Partum Angel" - she is known as @LaStylistMom on Twitter.

    Bethany showed me that there was light at the end of the tunnel. She also taught me that many people go through this and suggested Brooke Shields amazing book "Down Came the Rain". This was a person who tweeted me. A person I had never spoke to before. That second when I got her tweet and her number I called her. She dropped everything to help me and she did. I felt so much better just talking about it. And to do this day, I am so blessed to have had someone like her to just tweet into my life. She will always be a special friend in my life. 

    You would think that after having a miracle baby and going through a rough pregnancy I would be beaming with joy but the week or so after deliver was the roughest time of my life. And let me tell you, I was very thankful for my little cocktail of happy pills to get me through those teary nights.

    I know this may be a little personal to share but I wanted to put it out there for my readers to see that I am too, human.  I hope I don't loose any of you. We are all human right? I wanted you all to know that it is okay to seek help. Help is good and sometimes what you have to do to make it through another day. Whether it is post-partum or just the stressers of every day life - seeking help and learning on a supportive friend during that difficult time made everything so much better. 

    It is a New Year so keep it real my cupcakes and seek help if you need it - it is okay and will make you a better person. That is my February memo to all of you. And remember, I am always an email away! As always, thanks for all your love and support. Lots of love! 

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Beauty and more.

    Teh, Queensbay Mall Oriental Queen 2011 winner rendering a sentimental Mandarin number.

    HAVING grown up watching an elder sister strut her stuff on catwalks, Joey Teh Shu Ru has set her sights on emulating her and eventually making forays into the world of beauty pageants once she was of requisite age.
    Now 22 and with two previous titles under her belt, the Penang lass exudes confidence. On Saturday, she grabbed her third crown after emerging as Queensbay Mall’s Oriental Queen 2011, holding off stiff challenges from 11 others.
    The win was also a lucky one. Currently pursuing a mass communications course at the Shih Hsin University in Taipei, Taiwan, she was only back in Penang for a Chinese New Year holiday when she chanced upon the contest banners and signed up.
    “I like being on stage, it’s where I feel I can bring out the best in myself. I’m also blessed to have very supportive parents and friends.
    “My sister has always been my idol. She also took part in beauty pageants previous and would regularly finish among the top 10. I’m very proud of her,” she said.
    Though ecstatic with her win — one that netted her RM588 in cash and RM500 worth of products — Teh, who aspires to be a deejay, admitted to being a little surprised by the outcome, as well as feeling a little unsure when quizzed about Chinese virtues during the Q&A session.
    Finalist Elaine Chee Ming Choo performing a fire breathing stunt.
    She however rendered a lovely Mandarin number by Taiwanese pop singer Angela Chang, and looked resplendent whilst parading around in a light blue and pink cheongsam embellished with floral motifs.
    It made her the crowd favourite, and they duly broke out in cheers when she was judged the winner, a feat she believes was in part due to her assured demeanour on stage.
    Referring to the cheongsam provided to her by the event organiser, she said “I loved it as it made me look slim!” she quipped, adding that she had been on the lookout to buy a cheongsam of her own, but has yet to find one that’s just perfect.
    The intense battle to be crowned Queen of the Orient was played out against an equally regal backdrop that would not have looked amiss even in ancient China, specially erected at the mall’s central atrium for the Lunar New Year festivities.
    Choong showing she has the legance and finesse to match her name en route to winning the Talent Award.
    After an introductory round, the dozen hopefuls then took turns showcasing their abilities in a talent show, got grilled in the Q&A before making their way around the stage for one last parade.
    There were no runners up positions, only four subsidiary title winners. The first of those, the Personality Award, went to Jane See Liang Ning, 18, a public relations student at TAR College.
    She performed two routines for the talent segment, a fan dance and handkerchief dance, and later said: “It seems like I always end up with this title when I join pageants. Maybe I have a great personality!”
    Her college mates, accounting students Grace Choong Yan Yin, 20, and Melinda Lee, 20, grabbed the Talent Award and Body Beautiful Award respectively.
    “Dancing and singing is my forte, and I’m quite contented with this subtitle,” said Choong, who proved that she had the gracefulness to match her name whilst performing a meticulously choreographed dance on stage.
    Lee, who later claimed the Body beautiful award, impressing the crowd with her magical abilities.
    For Lee, the secret to a shapely figure was one’s diet. “I’ve had to stay away from oily food for an entire week in preparation for this contest.”
    Earlier, she performed a magic show and wowed the crowd with her tricks — which included levita-ting a table and turning empty red packets into money.
    The final subtitle, the Photogenic Award, was claimed by Venice Tan, 18, who is currently waiting for her SPM results.
    “It’s all about how you present yourself on stage. You’ve just got to be yourself and let the inner beauty shine through,” Tan said.
    See, Choong, Lee and Tan each took home RM388 in cash and RM500 worth of products.

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    Interior designer Kelli Ford has a strong affinity for blue as you will see.  Throughout this Beverly Hills vacation home that Kelli shares with husband Jerry, blue is in some form present in the rooms.  ENJOY!

    Love, love this home!  Hope that you have enjoyed this tour.  Pick up your copy of this month's Veranda magazine.

    See you soon,
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Sneak Preview -- Toni Francesc

    Spanish designer, Toni Francesc, is set to show his new collection GARUDÀ 
    at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York

    Toni Francesc will present his Fall/Winter 2011 collection during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and will return to Lincoln Center on Saturday, February 12, 2011, in The Studio at 9:00 p.m. This will be the fourth season Francesc will show his collection during New York Fashion Week. 2009 was the first season the designer was chosen to take part in fashion week in the U.S.

    The upcoming collection, GARUDÀ, is Francescs interpretation of the Phoenix, an eagle-sized bird with red plumage burns in its own flames only to rise from its ashes every 500 years. The Phoenix has long been presented as a symbol of rebirth, immortality and renewal. The collection provides an into insight to each phase ranging from the fire to the ashes.

    GARUDÀ is a collection that is focused on fire; its luminous and incandescent colors are the protagonists of the collection: intense golds, oranges and reds are the focus. The energy of the fire brings in ash grays and blacks and are combined with fabrics and silhouettes that represent the combustion and reemergence of the Phoenix. Garments are composed of luscious silks and wools. Generous, straight forms are combined with volumes that nip in at the waist and hug the body in clean lines that trace the female figure.

    Francesc is at the forefront of breaking international markets for the world of Spanish designers and will continue to be successful this upcoming season.

    check him out: www.tonifrancesc.com
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Ratu Cantik/Miss Malaysia Universe 1967 Finalists. Very Old Photo.

    Ade peluang lg ke nak jumpa finalis-finalis yg di bawah ni?..ntah2, mereka pun xnak dikenali anymore, jgn la begitu miss, ramai peminat u all yg nak tahu perkembangan terkini tau....
    dari kiri:, Angeline Leong (Miss Sabah), Yim Chee Moi (Miss Perak), Winifred Edema (Miss Selangor), Ramlah Alang (Miss Terengganu), Margaret Yeo (Miss Pahang), Maznah Mohd Ali (Miss Johor), Mongkam Suprasom (Miss Kedah).
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Nancy Blassan-Miss Sarawak/Malaya/Universe 1965. Old Photo.


    I seem to have a rather persistent problem when it comes to packing a suitcase and that is I completely overpack.  Every single time I just can't help myself and the worst thing of all is that my carry-on luggage could be compared to everything 20 people would need for a 2 week holiday.  It is just ridiculous. 

    However, after hauling my usual 10 tonnes of so-called 'I can't live without' luggage on a 20 hour flight from Brisbane to New York a few days I ago it was quite humorous to read an article by Amanda Fortini in the New York Times this morning in which she proclaims her obsession with the overpack too. 

    I was comforted by the fact that she too has packing anxiety and as her friend kindly puts it - 'It's like you're traveling by ocean liner.  Will you be accompanied by a porter?'  I WISH I could be accompanied by a porter.  Usually my husband is around and has in the past helped me lug large seashells in my carry-on luggage from Hawaii and cushion covers, mirrors and a painting from LA but this time it is just me and my carry-on and let me tell you it is exhausting running for a connecting flight with 3 heavy bags.  I have vowed and declared that on our return flight next week I will only be bringing 1 bag into the cabin with me and the rest will be checked in.  It will be interesting to see how I go.

    It is snowing here in New York which is quite amazing as this time last week I was swimming in our pool with Harry and Max in 30 + degrees.
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Ratu Cantik Kedah dan Ratu Cantik Perlis/Universe 1975.

    Miss Kedah: Susie Ong, 17 tahun, ukuran badan: (35-24-35!). even zaman sekarang pun susah nk cr org bdn perfect mcm ni cik kiah oi!.....

    Miss Perlis: Suzana Eliza, 18 tahun. ukuran: 35-24-35!..ini pun ukuran badan yg amat perfect!..

    1st runner up: Monna Hassan, 17 tahun
    2nd runners up: Audrey Wong, 20 tahun.
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Ratu Cantik Brunei 1961/1962 Menyertai Ratu Cantik Malaysia/Dunia 1963. Very Old Article

    Zaman sekarang ni langsung tidak kedengaran ada ke tidak pertandingan Miss Brunei atau apa-apa ratu cantik dari Brunei. Adakah pihak berkuasa di sana mengharamkan terus pertandingan ratu cantik?. Yang lebih menarik, pemenang Miss Malaysia World 1963 adalah Catherine Loh dari Brunei!.
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Miss Universe 1969-Asian Queens. Very Old Photo.

    Paling depan: Miss Singapore-Mavis Young
    atas tangga dari atas: Miss Hong Kong-Christine Mei Mei Lam, Miss Korea, Miss Malaysia-Rosemary Wan,  Miss Ceylon(Sri Lanka), Miss Guam, Miss Philippines-Gloria Diaz, Miss Japan.
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    Interior designer Darryl Carter worked closely with this Austin, Texas couple while designing their interior. Parents of two children, the couple visited antique shops with Carter before making choices of furniture. Carter also used reclaimed wood where possible to finish this gorgeous home. ENJOY!

    I hope that you have enjoyed this post. Pick up your copy of this month's Veranda.

    See you soon,

    Veranda 2011
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    As always, I enjoyed my trip to Birmingham to see my daughter!  Such a beautiful campus and city.

    We went to Cocina * Superior for lunch.  The Mexican food here is the best I have ever eaten, and I have eaten my share, including the food in Mexico.

    We later went shopping around and stopped in at Barnes and Noble, my favorite book store.  We had a coffee drink and sat on the garden deck!  It was in the 70's and sunny.  Such a gorgeous day!  ENJOY!

    Have a great Sunday!  We are having another beautiful day.  I took these photographs with my new Panasonic Lumix.  Love it so far, although I haven't learned much of what the camera is capable of doing.

    See you soon,
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Miss France 2011 Scandal. Latest Hot News.

    Miss France tak habis2 ngan scandal. start dr zaman 2001 yang mengaitkan Elodie Gossuin sebagai pondan,

     hinggalah kepada Valerie Bague yg mana gambar beliau yg sgt kontroversi tersebar sehingga disingkir dari mewakili France ke Miss Universe 2008. Terbaru, Miss France 2011 Laury Thilleman pula dikaitkan dgn scandal mangatakan beliau lesbian apabila gambar beliau mencium seorang wanita tua di sebuah kelab mlm tersebar.

    Oleh kerana pelbagai masalah teknikal serta perbalahan pendapat, tahun 2011 menyaksikan 3 ratu cantik Perancis telah dipilih oleh 3 organisasi berlainan. Masing2 mendakwa adalah Miss France yg terulung. Adalah diharapkan, ratu kesayangan rakyat Malaysia Deborah Henry tidak akan terlibat dalam apa2 scandal yg boleh menggugat imej bersih beliau selama ini. tpi saya yakin, Deborah Henry adalah seorang gadis yang baik dan pandai menjaga diri, lagi pun, beliau tinggal dekat dgn keluarga di Malaysia. x la risau sgt kitorang sebagai peminat.Source URL: http://idiesse.blogspot.com/2011/01/
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Patricia Tumalak, Miss Universe Philippines 2011 Mega Favourite. Nice Sexy Photos.


    This beautifully rustic home in Aspen, Colorado was designed by Cheryl Tague.  ENJOY!

    To read more about this home pick up your copy of the Jan/Feb issue of House Beautiful.

    See you soon,
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