Sara Leal

    Ashton Kutcher Was Photographed 3-Months Ago Leaving With A Blond Behind Wife Demi Moore's Back

    Ashton Kutcher and mystery woman
    Proving his marriage to Demi Moore is on the rocks, Ashton Kutcher refuses to deny claims he has been having sex with young blond groupies he's met in clubs and bars. Instead, Kutcher is making nonsensical and evasive comments on Twitter that are not fooling anyone.
    They look nervous and awkward, like they should not be seen together
    New photos surfaced this week, taken 3-months ago, featuring Kutcher attempting to discreetly ferry around a young blond that looks similar to his most recent fling, Sara Leal, who blabbed about their affair to the blogosphere, through an alleged friend.
    Sara Leal
    The blond bimbos are certainly adding up for Kutcher, leaving Moore dismayed and embarrassed. She will see it as a repudiation of her appearance (age), but to put it bluntly, she is kooky and married a twit that only cares about beers and breasts. To expect more was an act of self-delusion.
    Sara Leal and her friends
    Really, what did she think was going to happen. Not only is Kutcher a lightweight Hollywood actor not known for any film of substance (i.e. "Dude Where's My Car") he is not a serious person either. He doesn't exactly come across as an intellectual and that is nothing to do with his age. During interviews, you could easily believe, this guy was the real life inspiration for the film "Dumb and Dumber."
    Demi Moore
    I was informed years ago that Kutcher desperately wants out of the marriage to Moore. I've been writing about their issues for a few years. The facto f the matter is she should have stuck with her first husband.Getting with Kutcher was about ego and alleged viability in Hollywood for Moore.
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