Jackie & Her Children

    I was recently asked 91 questions in an interview for an exciting thing I will be involved in later this year. One of the questions I was asked was;

    Who, in your opinion is/was the best dressed woman?

    I answered Jacqueline Kennedy. I googled images of her recently and became instantly obsessed with the images of her and her beautiful children. It must be my current nesting instincts which drew me to these photos. I thought I'd share a few here today. Aren't they beautiful...
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    Thank you to all of the brave heroes who have protected us and sacrified their lives for us. We will never forget you.

    Happy Memorial Day!

    I will be working on my book and my sculpture.  We will also be enjoying some barbecue.  Have a great day everyone!
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Lonny Magazine

Newport Wedding Photography, Amy + Tim at Rosecliff, Part 2

    Posted by Mariah, Photos by Mariah & Trish:

    Feast your eyes on all the pink wonderment of Amy's gorgeous wedding. Everything was so lovely and so tasteful. Amy and her mom, Anne have fantastic taste. These seating cards that match the programs are from White Aisle.

    A luscious arrangement for the seating card table by Sayles Livingston.

    Some cocktail hour munchies, by Morin's Catering.

    The ballroom at Rosecliff is so grand, I love the ceiling.

    Amy and Tim's chairs were decorated too, a nice touch.

    The cake waiting patiently.

    Mmmm, how are their guests going to have room for the main course?

    Beautiful menu cards with the same pink theme.

    I was crazy for these linens.

    Getting ready for their grand entrance.

    Mr and Mrs. Woo-hoo!

    Legions of fans!

    Amy's dress makes quite an impression!

    Listening to some loving words from the maid of honor and best man.

    Anne and Harry listening on to the toasts.


    Trish took this lovely artistic shot. I just love it.

    Amy looks so classically beautiful.
    Oh, and an addition to the things Amy and Trish have in common: their birthdays are only one day apart!

    Parents of the grooms showing us how it's done!

    Harry and Amy's dance with Anne looking on, so sweet.

    Flipin' awesome band... Flipside (from Boston).


    It's so sad to say goodnight, but all good things have to end eventually. I am sure Amy and Tim are living it up in Hawaii on their honeymoon!
    Thank you so much for having us at your beautiful wedding. Trish and I had a blast and feel we have two wonderful new friends. xoxoxo Mariah & Trish

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Out & About: SGAR Opening

    Renai Grace & Paul Spiro stand in front of one of the paintings we purchased last night by artist Simone Louise Gillespie

    This is the other Simone Louise Gillespie painting we purchased

    It was so nice to get out of the tracksuit pants I've been sporting all week and into some proper clothes with make-up on last night to head out to the opening of Spiro Grace Art Rooms in Spring Hill.

    Brad, Harry & I decided we needed some adult time out so we decided to leave Max with his gorgeous Nanny Rhonda for a few hours whilst we attended the gallery opening. I had my first glass of French champagne in 9 months upon arriving at the gallery. It went straight to my head of course. We ended up purchasing 2 paintings by emerging artist Simone Louise Gillespie. I was so thrilled we decided on them straight away as every painting I looked at as the night progressed had a sold sticker.

    Gallery owners Paul Spiro {yes he is related to me - he is my uncle} and Renai Grace will be showcasing emerging {and therefore quite reasonably priced} artists in their space on a quarterly basis. I for one can't wait for their next exhibition.

    For all enquiries or to be added to SGAR's mailing list email Renai renai@sgar.com.au

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Newport Wedding Photography, Amy + Tim at Rosecliff Mansion

    Posted by Mariah, Photos by Mariah & Trish:

    I knew it was going to be a stellar day when Trish and I walked in to Amy's room at the Marriott and discovered this amazing gown...ta-da!
    Amy swears she's a super plain conservative dresser...okay, but not today!
    Kenneth Pool is the designer.

    Amy's colors are pink and blue and this gorgeous bridesmaid bouquet
    was created by Sayles Livingston.

    Bling Bling? Who is it?

    Here's Amy's amazing bouquet.
    It was so fresh and so fragrant. Just beautiful, and by Sayles of course.

    How beautiful are these programs? Love the pink floral graphic, by White Aisle.

    I have to give Trish credit for this genius shot.

    Is this not the most handsome little face? Amy's nephew was the ring bearer.

    Arriving at church...

    Dad giving a helping hand.

    Amy was just glowing and she didn't seem nervous at all. What's to be nervous about when you are marrying a guy who's willing to watch Say Yes to the Dress with you?


    Trish caught these cute photos of Sarah, Amy's expectant sister with her cutie pie firstborn, during the ceremony.

    Oooooh, reflection.

    So happy together...

    They did it!

    A funny shot from Trish of the "competition" at the back of the church.

    Making a dramatic exit.

    We headed over to 40 steps at the Cliff Walk for a few formals. Despite her yards of fabric, Amy was willing to maneuver our tricky locations. And, that's how you get the great shots.
    Good job Amy!

    Might as well see what's at the bottom of those 40 steps...

    Fun bridal party pic. This is a new fav.

    Tim is whispering something fresh here I think...



    Tim being all casual and cute.

    Lovely Amy.
    Amy is so funny, and it turns out she has many things in common with our very own Trish.
    Here's a list:
    Fear of public bathrooms... especially porta johns and airplanes
    Sleeplessness and a love of Ambien
    Using the phrase, "Seriously?" a lot.
    High school mascots... the Tigers.
    Addiction to hand sanitizer.
    It's uncanny!

    Amy = Beautiful!

    Next stop? A fantastic undisclosed Newport location with dramatic scenery? Yes!

    I heart this one.

    Well, despite the fun we are having... we have a party to get to! Off to Rosecliff.


    Love this one too.

    Arriving at Rosecliff... such a stunning venue.

    Stop it with the cute man posing, Seriously!

    Definitely a first at Rosecliff.

    The parentals...

    I love this shot. Don't be sad Amy... part two is coming up next!
    Stay tuned for all the reception fun!

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