KIM LOW, Miss Global International Malaysia 2011 8th Finalist. SUPER Beauty.

    Kehadiran Kim Low ke Miss Global International Malaysia 2011 final semakin menghangatkan lagi perebutan takhta wanita tercantik Malaysia. Mampukah beliau "live up" to her standard as the mega favorite?..wait and see, *PAGEANTIsland sendiri tak sabar nak wait or see....hahaha

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Mrs. Nutrimetics 1996 Top 3 Winners. Old Newspaper Pic.


Thanuja Ananthan, Miss World Malaysia 2009. A Super Beauty.

    Nowadays kan, tangan PAGEANTIsland sangat "itchy" nak menulis setiap kali nampak Thanuja. Cuba tengok dalam pic ni, bukan main hebat sentiasa baju2 yg beliau pakai. Tapi u all jgn la plak kata PAGEANTIsland cemburu sebab PAGEANTIsland xleh nak pakai baju secantik Thanuja pakai tau.....hehheehhe...kalu PAGEANTIsland try, nanti semua org lari.....hahaha.
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    Stephen P Francis / Michele Malini Mahendra
    Arcis Communications Malaysia
    P: +03.7805.7133
    PETALING JAYA, SELANGOR, April 28 2011: The nationwide search for MISS UNIVERSE MALAYSIA 2012 will come to an end this weekend at SUNWAY PYRAMID. With more than 700 qualified candidates to date already identified, the race to find Malaysia’s Hip, Urban, Relevant and Real women to represent the country is becoming an increasingly exciting one as women from all walks of Malaysian life have come out in force to try and be our nation’s representative to Miss Universe 2012.
    Happening at Sunway Pyramid on 30 April 2011 and 01 May 2011 between 11:00am and 7:00 pm daily, the nationwide casting call will then proceed into its shortlisting process for the next stage of the selection. Early birds stand a chance to receive a FREE make-over, courtesy of Xpression Master, Rimmel London and A Cut Above stylists as well as other prizes! There will also be live music performances and other entertainment on hand that is simply not to be missed!
    Malaysia’s Best!
    Are you between the ages of 18 and below 27 as of February 1st 2012? Do you have a burning desire to see the world? A vibrant personality and being at least 163 cm tall is required as well.
    Well, if you meet those requirements then the MISS UNIVERSE MALAYSIA ORGANISATION wants YOU!
    These casting calls are the beginning of Malaysia’s most sought after beauty pageant title - Miss Malaysia and Miss Universe Malaysia. They seek qualified Malaysian women to compete in the Miss Universe Malaysia 2012 national pageant and a new Reality Television Show.
    Featuring major changes to the way beauty pageants are held in Malaysia, the pageant seeks to identify and groom the next candidate to represent Malaysia at Miss Universe in 2012.
    “We’re crowning Miss Universe Malaysia a year in advance from now on, to allow for more time to make her SHINE before she competes at Miss Universe. The turnout to date has been tremendous and we’re hoping to see many more amazing Malaysian women coming to join us this weekend at the last stop on our nationwide search for the best Malaysian women represent the country and all of us at Miss Universe 2012,” explained Andrea Fonseka, National Director of the Miss Universe Malaysia Organisation. Miss Universe Malaysia 2012 will be crowned in November this year. The 2012 Miss Universe Malaysia search features RM200,000 in prizes and opportunities to the winning candidate and various other subsidiary title holders.
    Celebrity, model and television personality Deborah Henry, who recently won the Miss Universe Malaysia 2011 title, will represent Malaysia at Miss Universe 2011 in Sao Paolo, Brazil on September 12, 2011.
    The nationwide search is the first step towards finding the next Miss Universe Malaysia candidate and ensuring that she continues to work her way towards becoming the FIRST Malaysian Miss Universe in history!
    This year also features the FIRST TIME that a reality television show will be used as part of the qualification process.
    Here’s how it works:
    ·         The national search will allow aspiring Miss Universe Malaysia’s to nominate themselves by having their pictures taken at the venues. The shortlisted candidates will be invited to meet the judges in Kuala Lumpur with the lucky 50 being selected for the next stage
    ·         The shortlisted candidates will then be placed within a sealed and secured SECRET location where they will undergo training, grooming and challenges – all on reality television (which we’ll reveal the details of later!)
    ·         The final 10 from this show will then be judged on Gala Night with the winner being crowned Miss Universe Malaysia 2012
    Qualifying Requirements for Miss Universe Malaysia
    The contestant must be between the ages of 18 and under 27 as of February 01 2012, non-married and non-Muslim. She must not be divorced; must never have been married or had a marriage annulled; and must not have had children. A Malaysian or Malaysian passport holder, she must also have a minimum height of 163 cm.
    For the latest information on road show venues, dates, times and other ways to enter the Search for Miss Universe Malaysia 2012 please visit or TWITTER @MissUniverseMY.
    For SPONSORSHIP and PARTNERSHIP opportunities please contact Stephen P Francis at for more information.
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The Super Beauty Thanuja Miss World Malaysia 2009 at The ELMS 2011 Opening.

Miss Universe 2011 Top 15. World's Choice as at April 28, 2011.

Miss Universe 1962 Top 15. Old Black n White Photo.

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Carla Ossa 3

Kelly Karloff 2

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