Look forward to Custo Barcelona F/W 2010 Collection

    We can hardly wait to see the Custo Barcelona Fall/Winter 2010 Collection – especially after last season. Lucky for us – one of the design duos, Custo Dalmau shared some thoughts (and sketches!) of what is to come this season.

    Cupcake Mag: It has been quite some time since the first printed t-shirts by Custo Barcelona - what is the secret to your brand's success?

    Constantly re-thinking the creative process to produce designs that are new, exciting and representative of the Custo Barcelona DNA.

    What was your inspiration for the collection this season?

    Inspiration came from the beauty of precious gems and jewels.

    Can you describe the collection in a few words?

    Chic, sensual and adventurous.

    Is Barcelona still your favorite city to live?

    Yes. Barcelona has the energy and excitement that keeps the company growing.

    What is the next big step for Custo Barcelona?

    We are launching our children’s line for FW 2010/11, which is a big step for the brand. It is called CUSTO GROWING, and is a huge endeavor for Custo Barcelona, especially when other brands are downsizing. Like the adult line, GROWING features fun, flirty and colorful prints for girls and boys. There will be skirts, pants, jackets and t-shirts available.

    Stay tuned for full coverage on the show in February!

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A Pretty Boat House

the Vessel. by lois

    the Vessel. by lois is a collection by designer and model Lois Samuels that consists of garments for women, that draw inspiration from traditional menswear as well as the uniform.

    The debut presentation for Spring/Summer 2010 was featured in WWD, The New York Times, Essence and Italian Vogue amongst others. The Collection will be presented during New York’s Fall/Winter 2010 Fashion Week on Wednesday, February 10th 2010 in Chelsea with collaborations and sponsors such as Timex Watches, Colasuonno Designs (Jewelry), Young Blood Cosmetics, Cutler Salon.The collection is a blend that creates a clothing that is absolutely comfortable and undeniably feminine.

    What others are saying about the Vessel.

    “...Lois Samuels is banking on basic, comfortable, classic pieces - with simple silhouettes such as overalls and shift dresses which smack of nineties minimalism...” - WWD 9/10/09

    “Jamaican-born former model Lois Samuels put an English accent on her menswear and uniform inspirations, creating a prim, tailored collection with an emphasis on the jumpsuit”. - WWD 9/10/09

    “Drawing inspiration from traditional menswear, the Vessel by lois is for the woman, who appreciates understated sophistication”. - Essence Magazine

    “A sophisticated dialogue of menswear inspired garments, very proper in a way- that grown women would wear, not just willowy Gossip Girl types.” - Lyra Magazine

    About Lois: With a love for fashion and design from her early years. Lois entered the world of fashion as a model and travelled the fashion capitals working for designers as Lacroix, Miyake, Rucci and Givenchy. Her fashion education came through these amazing experiences and through her search for clothing that collaborated with her spirit and identity. Her first Collection presented a clean, simple and basic slate which she believes is the foundation of what fashion should represent - A reserved, comfortable and graceful look for any woman.

    Stay tuned for our coverage on the show to come in February.

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Ask the Snappers!

    We want to hear from you! Are you an aspiring photographer who has stumbled across our blog? Maybe you are an established photographer who feels a little shy or weird about contacting us? Maybe you just like taking and looking at nice photos? If you have a question about how we do what we do, we want to answer it in our upcoming series of blog posts called "Ask the Snappers".

    So ask away! Leave your question in comments or email Mariah at mariah@snapri.com

    Happy Snapping!
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Snap! Rewind...Photodates

    Remember how it felt on our first photodate? Just you guys.... and your own personal snapgirl! It's so fun getting to know you before the wedding. Here's the "Best of" in our photodate category.

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A Moment With Melissa...

    Hello! It's Melissa, again! I thought I'd take this opportunity to tell you guys about one of the ongoing photo projects I have. It involves my daughter, Zoe, (I think all of them do) and her birthday. Here is the plan. Every year I do a simple portrait of Zoe around her birthday. My goal is to do it every year for the rest of my life. As time goes on I think it will be something she'll really appreciate having. I know I will.

    What am I doing with these pictures? Right now I have a canvas for each year. The innocent 1 year old, crazy 2 year old and my big girl 3 year old...

    My hubby, Miles, jokes that we are going to have a house covered in canvas by the time she is 17. I don't think I'll get one a year because that might be overkill, but if one year is particularly awesome I'll replace one of these with a new canvas. I'm also making a scrapbook with all the photos.

    Since we're on the subject of birthday photo projects I do have another one! My goal is to seek out cool numbers and take Zoe's photo in front of it when she is the right age. For example she is 3 now so here is our 3 photo...

    In case you are wondering... Yes, I will be doing all these photos for the new baby, too! If not in 12 years I'll be hearing "Why are there so many pictures of Zoe and none of me?"

    So, those are my ideas. Hopefully I've inspired some of you to do your own little photo projects. You don't have to be a professional and it's something you'll have forever.

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Kathryn Ireland Book Signing at Black & Spiro


    To celebrate the launch of her first "Kate Moss for Longchamp" signature collection, Kate Moss and Longchamp hosted a private party at The Ritz Club on Wednesday, 27th January 2010 during Paris Couture Week.

    In a d├ęcor of zebra stripes (zebra carpet stretching the length of the club, zebra walls …) referencing the codes of her collection for Longchamp, Kate Moss – accompanied by the Cassegrain family, who own the famous French house, welcomed more than 700 guests, and a live performance by London duo Queens of Noize kept the dance floor moving well into the early hours.

    For Jean Cassegrain, CEO of Longchamp, and Sophie Delafontaine, Artistic Director, the party was also an opportunity to play host to the French and international press and leading figures from the world of business.

    The Kate Moss for Longchamp collection was unveiled on a wall of moving images, its glamorous designs fusing Kate's inimitable style and personality with the savoir-faire of Longchamp. The collection will hit Longchamp boutiques and Bloomingdales 59th Street in NYC on February 11th.
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The Dish with Trish...No.2

    I LOVE SCRAPBOOKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So that pretty much sums it up, but for my dish today, I will elaborate on that a bit...

    I have always loved doing crafty things and I come it very honestly as my mother has always been a crafty lady and was always making things while I was growing up. She made my clothes, dolls, stuffed animals, about a million and one slip covers, curtains, foot stools out of coffee cans, leather bags and belts, macrame, the list goes on.

    I actually had never done any kind of scrapbooking until just a few years ago while we were waiting to adopt a baby and all I had to do was sit and wait. It was making me insane and I had to DO something. So I figured I would make a book about my husband and I that said baby would enjoy having in the future. So I started with our baby photos and continued through the time we met, got married, bought a house and now were waiting to become parents. It was a wonderful way to occupy my time and I spent countless hours at the dining room table cutting and pasting like crazy.
    From there I made a book for our unknown baby with photos of the nursery and the phone(because I wanted it to ring so badly!) and our house. But then I came to a point where I was done and did all I could do until that point, so I had to wait some more. But the good news is that the phone finally did ring and Isaac came into our lives! Even better news, I would never be without something to scrapbook, although now I would be without all of that time to scrapbook.
    Mariah and Melissa thought I should share some of my latest pages with you, so here they are...

    I originally used only the tradiational 12x12 double layout system and always scrapped chronologically. But then I was introduced to the D ring binder and everything changed... now I could scrap just a single page and go out of order and still have one year all together! It was revolutionary! But mainly it opened up my creative juices and made it much more doable.

    Isaac's first two years don't have a ton of pages because I was locked into the 12x12 layout and it took forever! But now I get so much more done in a lot less time. Although, I can easily spend 2 hours or more on a page. I tend to agonize over every little detail. But it's fun for me, and it's like therapy!

    I like to scrap single or double photos and work more on the design elements. I also enjoy just a random event or great photo. I do birthday and Christmas every year, but I don't feel obligated to do every holiday.

    I have a terrible memory, so I know that I will be happy to have all of this in the future, to help me remember how Isaac was at different ages. People always say that kids grow up fast, but this is ridiculous!

    I like to use my own hand writing instead of printing from the computer so that it keeps that home spun look to it. Also, Isaac will know that I wrote those words for him. This layout was about how rough the 3's were, scrapping doesn't always have to be fun stuff, the point is to remember and document life, warts and all.

    This photos was taken last summer and all three of the kids are already so much older looking, these are Mariah's cherubs with Isaac in case you didn't recognize them...

    Even something as simple as a new pair of shoes was fun to do because it symbolizes his growing and I always remember the awesomeness of a fresh pair of sneaks. My fist pair of Nike were tan with a blue stripe (1979?)and I remember them like it was yesterday, if I had a photo I'd be so excited!

    I have lots of these kind of photos, but putting them all together like this really brought the whole feel of Isaac's personality together, he's a riot!

    This little swirl was stiched on there, such a fun element. Doing it was probably way more fun that it even looks!

    Such a classic moment that was emblazoned in my mind anyway, but now he will get to enjoy it too!

    So thanks for sharing in my other passion, although it includes photography which is the ultimate bonus!
    I will give you my must have list in another 'Dish' post as to what tools and products I like to use as well as some great resources if you are looking to get inspired and scrap-it!

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